We headed north

Two years after our wonderful wedding, my wife Lucy and I headed off from Adelaide on our honeymoon, visiting three countries in three weeks. 

Prior to our trip, the hunt for a decent travel camera led me to purchase a second-hand compact, the Sony RX100 mkII. The combination of camera performance and wireless technology was perfect for travel.

Germany is incredible. The culture, the people, the transport, the food, the drinks, on I could go. We were hosted by relatives of Lucy, an incredible privilege and an insight into the country life of Germans. We visited Lucy's Grandmother's Village - Werthoven, near Bonn, filled with friends and family who all knew each other's names. Stepping inside the family home, walking the old streets and communicating, albeit with lots of sign language and broken German! We were lucky enough to visit the church of Lucy's grandmother, built in 898 A.D. We learned that Germans love their cake. We arrived with 5 cakes on the table, and this was before dinner. Needless to say we knew we were going to come back a littler heavier then when we left!

Berlin was a completely new experience. A blend between old and new, cafe's creating co-op creative spaces for start ups and freelancers set up in buildings that housed their grandparents. We found ourselves feeling so at home in a city we had never been to. Every street had something to offer from small clothing boutiques, pop up art galleries, cafes and the most incredible bakery we have been to. It truly is a city built up by creativity and culture, I urge everyone to make sure they visit. 

Poland had a distinctly different vibe. Although you can see similarities between it and Germany, war and Communism have torn parts of the country apart. Warsaw was cold, square and grey however we could see culture growing from the ground below. Slowly the city is recreating and redefining itself and it's exciting to see. Krakow was less affected by the war, it's original city walls still standing as the city spreads out. The art, food and bar scene has so much to offer and you can feel creativity and energy in the city streets. Beware though, travelling in winter is cold, VERY COLD! One day was -15 degrees, which coming from an average of 30 degrees was hard to deal with. 

We ended our trip with two days in Rome. A city filled with so much history, art, culture and food it would be easy to be overwhelmed, however, we made a decision to book a couple of tours and take our time to enjoy Rome's charm. These couple of days were a perfect way to end our holiday. We walked on cobbled steps once traveled by ancient Romans, spoke with locals and made friends with local cats. The food is something else here. All made with minimal ingredients, simple but so full of flavour. Our last night was spent in an underground restaurant with a huge line up before doors opened. Luckily, we were seated quickly and ended our trip with a romantic night among candle light, pizza and wine.


Until next time Europe...